Is it practical for my baby to sleep in a box?

The simple answer is Yes! This concept isn’t new but merely borrowing from a 70-year old Finnish tradition. Finland has one of the lowest rates of infant mortality in the world. The dimensions of the box are similar to that of a standard Moses basket but wider. It also comes with the benefits of portability. The box is eco-friendly and the mattress is free of CFC and meets the British Standards and Fire Regulations.

What are the dimensions of the Dream box?

The box measures; Height: 25cm, Length: 70cm, Width: 40cm. While the Dream Baby Box is suitable for newborns up to the age of six to nine months, please be aware that some babies could outgrow the box quickly.

Is the box of any use once my baby has outgrown it?

One of the main benefits the Dream Box has over the standard Moses basket is that it can be used for storage such as the baby’s clothes and toys.

How long does delivery take?

If ordering from within the UK, your Dream Baby box should arrive between 3 to 5 working days. For urgent deliveries, e.g. your baby arrives ahead of schedule, contact us to expedite the process. 

How can I make returns?

We are happy to issue a full refund of the box (we doubt you’ll need to!) provided it is returned within 14 days, undamaged and the items unworn and unused.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently ship across Europe and to the US but are widening our area of coverage. Such deliveries could take up to 7 working days. Do send us an email if you are outside this geographical coverage and we shall endeavour to deliver a Dream box to you!


Safety Precautions and recommendations

The Dream Box cannot get wet as it is made of cardboard.

Stay clear from drafts, heaters or radiators, open flame and any sources of heat.

The Dream Box must always be placed on a flat and firm surface.

Always lay the baby vertically and on its back for naps.

Never cover the box with the lid when the baby is in it.

Do not attempt to move the box around whilst the baby is in it.

We recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you at least in the first six months.

Remove all toys from the cot prior to placing the baby in the Dream Box.

Avoid the use of bulky bedding.

Your baby’s room must be at a comfortable temperature.


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