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Every baby is special and precious, therefore providing them with a safe start in life is of significant importance.The Dream Baby Box is inspired by the original Finnish baby box, which has been providing a safe sleep medium for almost 80 years.  Aside from your baby’s first bed, our box goes further to provide all the essentials both mum and the little one will need in the first few months. 

Upon learning about the benefits of the Finnish baby box on the BBC website, we felt that the British public was missing out from such an exciting and convenient experience. The Finnish government’s provision of the baby box since 1938 has helped lower infant mortality rates by creating an incentive for mothers to take part in prenatal health checks, as well as educating them on how to look after their babies. As a result, Finland has one of the lowest rates of infant mortality in the world today.



Our Aim

It is ideal to welcome nature’s most precious gift to the world in a safe environment, surrounded by love and quality products, perfect for their sensitive skin. 

Born out of this Finnish tradition and nurtured in Greenwich, the Dream Baby Box seeks to go a step further by providing an all-round package. Aside from being your baby’s first crib, it covers everything from nappy changes to bath time and the odd eczema some babies may be born with. As a working woman in London, I have experienced how hectic it can be preparing for the arrival of the little one. The Dream Baby Box relieves the stress of having to shop around for your baby’s essentials and enables you to relax and take it easy.

Our box is also a perfect gift for family and friends. Ideal for baby showers and certain to be loved by all mothers, so you can’t go wrong. It is manufactured in the UK to the same quality and specifications as the original Finnish baby box. Our vibrant and fun design makes it the perfect addition to your nursery. We have also included products from well-known and trusted brands in the Dream Baby Box, so you can kick-start your parenting journey with confidence!    


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